Dada Life Cannot Be Stopped


It is sometimes too easy to forget one’s own mortality, let alone the mortality of celebrities, musicians, and other heroes. While we gaze up at our idols with misted bright eyes, believing them to be untouchable in their realm of greatness, we forget they are human just like the rest of us, following the same unscripted path we call life.

Unfortunately, it is usually tragedy and struggle that pulls us back into the reality where we can acknowledge this, being the case for legendary electronic group, Dada Life.

For the past nine years, Dada Life has entertained millions with their hypnotic music, while also creating an enormous culture within their fan base, including organizing a pillow fight for them in Chicago, setting a Guinness World Record. With a world of adoring fans and potential beats at their feet, Dada Life sadly hit a wall when in 2014 when Stefan Engblom was rushed to the hospital for an emergency abdominal surgery, causing a partial removal of his large intestine. Shortly after, partner Olle Corneer entered his own battle, being diagnosed with cancer in September. Fortunately and surprisingly, the two were remarkably resilient.

Although olle left touring after his diagnosis, he was welcomed back to stage on january 1st, 2015 after finishing chemotherapy in december and entering a steady recovery. following this welcome back concert, dada life released a new album and began full-scale north american tour in february. ever since, both members have embraced their former mentalities and have been successfully performing across the continent, once again throwing amazing shows for their adoring fans.

Olle remains positive throughout his recovery, noting the duo’s health issues have not had any negative effects on their touring thus far, but instead have added a new ingredient to their madness, essentially allowing them to forgo all previous rules and boundaries. For the duo, their passion and love for Dada Life has helped them overcome their personal struggles while the struggle themselves have provided a new breath to their careers and given clearer goals to Olle and Stefan. 

In the end, life can hit us all pretty hard. None of us are invincible, though we may think so, and when tragedy happens, it can be almost impossible to find a silver lining. However, with passion and dedication, not only do we find meaning in our work, but as seen with both members of Dada Life, we can also find support and motivation to continue on. Olle and Stefan have shown their fans the meaning of hard work and have vowed to rage on.


CREDIT TO: Amanda Johnson Seattle, Wa