Live and Acoustic from Porchester Hall: ABOVE & BEYOND

       One thing that is presumed about EDM, also know as Electronic Dance Music, artists is the fact that it does not take talent to create it. There are a wide variety of DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) that allows users with a minimal financial backing to have access and own his or hers personal home studio. With the Electronic Dance Music wave flowing through all corners of the world, it has become a very popular genre for young artists to venture in, attempt to create, and evolve the sound. From SkrillexMartin GarrixKaskade, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, and many more to say the least, electronic dance music in the past few years has erupted to become the "millennials" go-to genre of music and a must have in our daily playlist. The genre has been on the spotlight to critics. Above & Beyond has shown a side of the  genre that many have not yet seen. To show that Electronic dance music artists are also very talented, as any other genre of music out there. The trio has left their CDJs aside on this one and parted to the traditional method of musicianship, playing instruments. As talented songwriters and working DJs, in this full concert film, they are joined by three singers, a string quartet, harpist, drummer and bassist. The trio has interpreted 12 selected songs, that range from great hits to new and unheard, with strings, percussion and vocals live in the well know Porchester Hall, London.  Above & Beyond is always pushing the envelope as how they are going to amaze their audience. In this one plus hour, your body will respond by providing you with the "FEELS" for the live performance entirety. Share it with your friends and show that electronic dance music deserves recognition for talent as well as any other genre of music out there.

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