Deorro's Step Back


In a perfect world, spending time with family while also following your dreams would not only be an option, but also the standard. In this world, people could set out on their path of success, chasing down all possible leads, all the meanwhile, their families and homes would not be compromised. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most artists and often one must choose between the two lifestyles and passions; each romantic and alluring in their own, but conflicting together. For American DJ/producer Deorro, the stretch between his two lives became ever present in 2014 when he had to come to a weighty decision: continue his successful run of tours and shows or take a break and spend time with his family while producing music.


In May of 2014, Deorro made up his mind and announced via a series of Tweets that he would be taking a break from touring and DJing to instead focus on producing music and spending time with his two young sons. 

Aside from the interference it was causing in his personal life, he commented throughout the announcement about how he had already overcome many milestones in his career and that he didn’t mind “selling out” if that was what people thought of him. He saw his step away from touring life the opportunity to make and produce more music than ever - while also enjoying his own life and the family he created. 

However, for those who thought this meant an end to Deorro, they were completely wrong. Although he announced his retirement and planned to step away from the stage at the end of 2014, Deorro continued to produce throughout the year. In April, “Five Hours” was released and hit the charts across the world, including becoming his first number one hit single. Following the success of this song, Deorro collaborated with Chris Brown and released a second version of the song in 2015, named “Five More Hours”. 


Not only has Deorro continued to contribute amazing tracks to the music scene, but also has continued supporting his record label, Panda Funk. And although he vowed to take a break from touring and live appearances, he does have a few shows lined up across the country for the rest of 2015. At the end of March, Deorro is scheduled to perform in Miami at several shows, alongside many other great acts. Then, in August, Deorro is scheduled to perform at perhaps one of the biggest music festivals in the country, Coachella. Perhaps he hasn’t completely stepped away.

In the end, it is apparent it isn’t always an easy route to perform and tour without losing focus on what is truly important to you. Though some may quit forever, while others may never quit at all, Deorro saw the problems in his life and figured out what he wanted to change. Whether he continues with his retirement for long or jumps back in again, we know he will always be producing, looking for that next great beat.

CREDIT TO: Amanda Johnson Seattle, Wa