The Zen of Pawn Stars Chumlee

The Dharma of Pawn Stars’ Chumlee

 Dharma: (noun dhar·ma) A cosmic path of non-attachment

Pawn Stars’ Chumlee is always reaching for another line of work. Moving like the great River of Life from Reality TV Star to DJ at Palm’s Ghostbar Dayclub. Rockin’ the house to the dulcet mixes of hip hop and rap, music from the 80s and the 90s and today’s top 40, French Montana and a Jay-Z remix. Girl Scout cookies in thin mints, peanut butter patties escorted by beautiful women to the stage, then onto the Tao night club at the Venetian to celebrate. Such is the Dharma of Pawn Stars’ Chumlee.

 The Kensho of Pawn Stars’ Chumlee


Kensho(見性) An enlightening or awakening experience which gives him a glimpse of his true nature. 

TMZ reported that Austin Russell, Pawn Stars’ Chumlee requested a pair of Hawaiian Nike Dunk SBs amongst other things for his DJing services. Chumlee’s Kensho, his true nature that shines through his vast sneaker collection as he walks his path, his feet clothed in fashionable sensation. For I have heard it said that these days anyone can be a DJ, surely though beloveds you can see when it comes to Chumlee this idea makes no sense. For here is a man whose stature rises as he expresses his Kensho, fashionable sneakers and hip hop remixes.This is the soul of an artist who learned his newly emerging DJing skills on an iPad, in classes and through ‘practice, practice, practice, that’s all he could do!’

‘Lots of intensity, Lots of rap music and a good time.’ - Such is the Kensho of Pawn Stars’ Chumlee


Nirvana: (noun, nir·va·naThe ultimate goal

And so to the ecstasy of dinner at the N9NE Steakhouse and the $25,000 a night Harwood Suite in the Palms. The suite that features 10,000 feet on two floors, an indoor basketball court, locker room and NBA sized beds, Nerf guns and Nerf basketball hoops, all for Chumlee’s enjoyment and the natural compensation of a man expressing his true soul. And when asked of his future. The Venerable One, with tattooed arms, a thick gold neck chain, a psychedelic tee shirt and a light blue floppy hat exclaimed:

‘More Pawn Stars. More DJing, 2015 all the way up!’ - Surely this is the road to enlightenment, the road to Nirvana.

CREDIT TO: Steve Wilkes Wales, United Kingdom